KOSMOS is an award-winning writing utensil that combines a revolutionary magnetic mechanism with the most minimalistic design. A simple shift of the cap unlocks the pen and makes it ready for writing. This unique mechanism is based on magnets and gives the KOSMOS Pen different appearances in the writing and the idle position. Created as the ultimate design pen, this writing utensil is seeking a spot in every creative’s daily essentials.

The KOSMOS Titan is precision-machined out of solid Grade-5 Titanium. This remarkable material combines highest durability with exceptional light weight. A pen that is built to last for generations.

The matt version of KOSMOS Titan has a nice satin feel of the surface and is especially resistant against scratches. Its shank runs through multiple extensive polishing stages which make it shine like a mirror: a beautiful contrast with the rest of the pen.


Design Awards


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Just shift the Cap – the simplest and most intuitive way to get a pen ready for writing: our new mechanism makes it possible.

Easy to use with only one Hand – the magnetic forces inside KOSMOS are perfectly balanced. A strong Neodymium magnet holds the cap safely in the idle and writing position.

Designed by Nature – the minimalistic design of KOSMOS is based on a universal pattern of nature: the Golden Ratio which can be credited for the pen’s harmonic esthetic and turns out to be ergonomic too.

Award-Winning – KOSMOS is a 2016 Winner of the Red Dot Design Award, a prestigious and world-renowned honor bestowed to the best of the best in outstanding design.

Grade-5 Titanium for a Lifetime Product – the KOSMOS Titan is lathed from a solid block of titanium. Known for its strength and durability, this material is often used in aerospace engineering.

Fun to play!

Additional information

Weight 39 g
Dimensions 137 x 11 x 11 mm

Grade-5 Titanium


Matt-Laminated Premium Gift Box

Included Cartridge

Black Premium Cartridge with German Ink and Swiss Tungsten Tip, Size M


Compatible with all G2 Standard Refills (Parker-Style)

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