Bicycle Lamp

Many bikers are familiar with the issue of trying to find visually attractive bicycle lights. They often are impractical with specific supports to install, are unwieldy, and give no attractive satisfaction. The wear and tear leads to broken parts and frustration among users. In addition, there is a higher risk of theft, since users often leave them installed on the bike when it is parked.

Stilform has designed an invisible alternative that does not look like a light at first. Great importance was placed on visual integration with the bike grips. The system is hidden in the interior of the handlebar and can be easily pulled out whenever it is needed. The LED lights then present themselves and turn on automatically as they are moved out. Magnets hold the lamps in different positions. In both active and inactive modes, the lamp will have a stable position during riding because of the magnets. MagVis is an enclosed system that is safe from theft. It contains a battery that is chargeable via USB cable. For charging, it can simply be removed from the handlebar.

This bike light communicates the urban lifestyle that is currently taking place worldwide in the form of purist bikes. Style-conscious bikers minimize looks for practicality. One wants to be mobile in the dark and integrate minimalistic objects. There is currently no available bike light that is invisible when not in use. MagVis is the solution – elegant, modern and suitable for various types of bikes.


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